Barnhardt Podcast #063: Ann Answers Catholic Questions, Volume 11

September 29, 2018

In this return of the "Ask Ann Anything" series, we go to 11 -- questions, that is! The questions in this episode are:

  • Would you consider doing a children's Catechism podcast?
  • When you wear heels to Mass what is your acceptable overall height limitation?
  • Do you pray the Liturgy of the Hours and, if so, which books do you use?
  • Can you recommend any books to help a normal person learn Biblical/Liturgical Latin?
  • How long did it take you to learn Latin? Was it self-taught and if so, what book/course?
  • Are you now or have you ever been a woman who wears pants?
  • What is your source of the Catholic art on your website?
  • What is your (and the Church's) position on adult stem cell therapy?
  • Why don't you speak more about the disaster of the Church allowing its members to believe in theistic evolution and the dangers of Darwinianism?
  • Where did the indulgences go?
  • As a practicing Catholic, what should I do to show my disgust with what has happened in the Church? Is holding my weekly donation the best way to go?

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